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Procurement Australia’s Personal Protective Equipment contract is available to all our members via the Procurement Gateway portal. Central to this tendered outcome contract is the competitive market pricing, which accurately represents the potential aggregation presented by this contract for all Personal Protective Equipment. Procurement Australia offers a wide range of products across different categories with an extensive list of suppliers for everything our members need.

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Procurement Australia / 2211/0906 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Contract

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Procurement Australia presents Procurement Gateway, a FREE web-based solution for our members and awarded panel of suppliers.

Procurement Gateway is an easy to use online system for our suppliers to respond and submit quotes to Procurement Australia members for their specific requirements within our awarded contracts. All Members will be able to request quotations (RFQ) from the awarded suppliers within the Procurement Gateway and have access to the latest information and pricing of all the public sector tendered solution contracts.

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