Audio Visual

Procurement Australasia makes it easier and more efficient to procure Audio Visual equipment for your organisation, with helpful, technical jargon-free advice on data projectors and interactive whiteboards for your organisation:


  • Save your valuable time with our AV procurement specialists helping you navigate the thousands of AV options on the market.
  • We take the hassle out of finding the right products by conducting a full requirement scope, including right-fit device selection, to enhance communication and collaboration in your organisation.
  • We make sure all your devices and AV equipment work seamlessly together to minimise your risk of purchasing incompatible products.
  • Procurement Australasia has long-standing relationships with all leading manufacturers and suppliers, which means you can choose from a vast range of trusted AV brands and models.

Exclusive Benefits

Why buy through Procurement Australasia?

  • Thanks to our long-standing supplier relationships, AV procurement and buying with us lets you choose from a vast array of models and specifications. We’ll match the right solution to your needs and your existing technology.
  • Our AV specialists provide expert advice to guide you through the latest options for compatible devices, such as interactive whiteboards, interactive modules, wireless connectivity and mobile stands.
  • Procurement Australasia supports your organisation and the not for profit community, regardless of size or location. Make the most of Procurement Australasia’s Audio Visual procurement and buying services wherever you are, Australia wide.
  • Save significantly with exclusive Procurement Australasia Member pricing that we negotiate on your behalf.

Procurement Australasia Audio Visual solutions deliver:

One-stop purchasing

Procurement Australasia makes it easy and efficient to procure all your AV equipment in one place, with our expert team guiding your investments.

Outstanding service

Our dedicated team members have high-level experience and expertise in advising Audio Visual solutions. We’re not tied to any particular brand or supplier, so you’ll always receive independent, unbiased advice. Receive personalised assistance by email, through our website, or by phone and talk to someone who will be able to assist you promptly.

Exceptional value

Take advantage of excellent pricing on all AV equipment, courtesy of our 25,000+ Procurement Australasia member purchasing power. Have complete confidence that we’ll find data projectors and interactive whiteboards that are ideal for your organisation’s needs and budget.