Award of Contract: 2110/0503 – Mobile Bins

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The above mentioned contract tender evaluation phase has concluded. The contract has been awarded to the following Suppliers as follows:

The evaluation phase of the new Mobile Bins tender has concluded.

Contract 2110/0503 – Mobile Bins will commence on 01 November 2019 for 2 years (expiring 31 October 2021) with the option to extend for two (2) x 12-month periods. It will replace Contract 1801/0503 – Mobile Garbage Bins.

This contract offers members a supplier panel they can use to determine their specific requests.  A process best completed by RFQ and one that Procurement Australia can help with if needed.

Contracts have been awarded as per the table below:

SupplierCategory 1
Two and four wheeled bins, in a range of sizes
Category 2
RFID technology and bin spare parts
Mastec Australia P/L as trustee for WRS TrustNationalNational
SULO MGB Australia P/LNationalNational
Trident Plastics (SA) P/LNationalNational
Viscount Plastics (Australia) P/LNationalNational

Next steps:

To access this contract please complete the contract opt-in proforma (copy attached).  Once completed, please forward this to your nominated supplier(s) with a copy to your Procurement Australia Relationship Manager.

If you have any queries please contact us today.