Chicken and Poultry Products

Procurement Australasia partners with M&J Chickens to ensure your organisation receives the very best quality and service matched with competitive pricing.

  • Choose from an extensive range of Australian poultry products.
  • Guaranteed freshness of all poultry, with a dedicated cook-chill plant delivering standard and custom products with a 42-day shelf life to save time and minimise waste.


Why buy with Procurement Australasia?

  • Procurement Australasia makes it easy to buy all your poultry supplies together with other food services, as part of a one-stop, coordinated purchasing solution.
  • Procurement Australasia gives you the flexibility to place a standard order, in addition to online and phone ordering options.
  • Procurement Australasia facilitates easier implementation processes with no locked-in contracts.
  • Procurement Australasia negotiates highly competitive pricing on behalf of Members so you save across the entire range from M&J Chickens.
  • Procurement Australasia provides escalation support whenever you need it in addition to M&J Chickens’ own escalation service.

Our Foodservice Solutions deliver:

One-stop purchasing

Access the entire range of poultry products from M&J Chickens. Reduce your admin costs through consolidated purchasing and make the most of free reports to optimise your procurement.

Preferential service

Procurement Australasia’s large community of Members makes us a priority customer of M&J Chickens. As a Procurement Australasia Member you enjoy preferential service and rapid support escalation.

Exceptional value

Procurement Australasia provides exceptional value-for-money on all your poultry purchasing with exclusive Member pricing that we negotiate for you.

Success Stories

“It is a pleasure to work with a company like Procurement Australasia especially when the common goal is to ensure the client receives the very best of quality and service matched with competitive pricing.”

Anthony Wollstein

The partner that help us deliver this solution is:
M&J Chickens