Contract Extension: 2012/0328 – Road Surfacing and Associated Services

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Please note that the 1st extension option for Contract 2012/0328 Road Surfacing and Associated Services has now been executed and will expire on 31 December 2020.

This is a standing offer contract with a panel of prequalified contractors capable of providing the following services:

  • Asphalt – Supply ex bin
  • Asphalt – Supply and lay
  • Asphalt – Mill and fill/Profiling
  • Pavement rejuvenation
  • Pavement stabilisation
  • Crack sealing – flexible pavements
  • Crack sealing – rigid pavements
  • Crack sealing – rigid pavements – Cross stitching
  • Concrete slab replacement
  • Minor patching
  • Major patching
  • Spray sealing

The contract is designed such that members may seek firm quotations for their individual and specific requirements.

The Contractor panel consists of:

  • Accurate Asphalt and Road Repairs P/L
  • BMR Quarries P/L Trading As Roadwork Industries
  • COLAS New South Wales P/L
  • Downer EDI Works P/L
  • Fulton Hogan Industries P/L
  • Hetekaro P/L Trading As Asphalt Paving Services
  • Ian Rich Asphalt P/L
  • Patches Asphalt P/L
  • Primal Surfacing P/L
  • RABS Paving Services P/L
  • Road Maintenance P/L
  • Roadworx Surfacing P/L
  • Stabilcorp P/L
  • Stabilfix P/L
  • Stabilised Pavements of Australia P/L
  • The Trustee for SuperSealing Unit Trust T/A Supersealing
  • T&L Excavations and Asphalting P/L