Foodservices Meal Idea Catalogues Vol 2 – Easter

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Procurement Australasia and Foodservices Supply Partners have come together to provide you with some inspiration on products and meal ideas for Easter. 

Keep reading to find a list of product catalogues from our Supply Partners, including Bidfood codes for ease of ordering. 

Supply Partners Featured:

Supply Partner Product Catalogues:

Birch & Waite – Easter catalogue

Birch & Waite – Desserts

Birch & Waite – Relishes

Dairymont – Cheese range

Maggi –  Mash and Gravy

Maggi – Mash and Gravy offer

Groenz – Butter Chicken & Greek Yoghurt Pizza

Groenz – Butter Chicken & Vegetables Pizza

Groenz – Chicken & Vegetables Pizza with Buttermilk Ranch

Groenz – Sauce range

Trumps – Rocky Road

Trumps – Allergen Plan

Vesco – 7 Star Lasagnes

Riviana – Diced Apples

McCain – Belgian Waffles