Foodservices: The Importance of Nutrition in Aged Care

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At Procurement Australasia, we understand that every meal counts for Aged Care residents. Loss of appetite can lead to missed meals or smaller portions, making nourishment through high protein and energy meals/snacks even more vital. Foodservices play a key role in delivering nutrition and choice for Aged Care residents through effective menu planning practices.

Why nutrition is especially important for Aged-Care residents?

The elderly are more susceptible to physical and mental changes due to declining digestion, absorption, and nutrient assimilation. Lack of appetite may lead to smaller or missed meals, subsequently causing weight loss and development of micronutrient deficiencies. Decline in physical condition also affects to shop and prepare meals, requiring assistance with ensuring nutritional intake.

Due to these factors, every meal counts, even mid-meal snacks. A snack can be defined as a small meal, usually eaten with hands and can be both sweet or savoury. Snacks are a great way to pack energy, protein and other essential nutrients into the diet for smaller eaters.  

To combat micronutrient deficiencies, Aged Care menus need to be well planned to incorporate all the core food groups. For example, combining fruit and vegetables into biscuits, cakes, and slices. Effective menu planning ensures residents are eating throughout the day and enjoying meal choices provided.

Procurement Australasia is pleased to invite you to our FREE Foodservices Webinar specifically catered to the issues faced by the Aged Care sector.

Hosted by our Foodservice Ambassador, Dr Karen Abbey understands first-hand the Foodservices challenges in the Aged Care sector.

In this event, you will learn:

  • Nutrition update for the Aged Care sector
  • Why high protein and energy meals/snacks are important for our residents 
  • Make every meal count – simple menu planning strategies to fortify food

Blog written by Dr Karen Abbey – Procurement Australasia Foodservice Ambassador

Join our FREE Aged Care Webinar – “High Protein and Energy Menu Planning”
When:  March 18 (2.00 pm – 3.30 pm AEDT)

Procurement Australasia’s Foodservice Ambassador, Dr Karen Abbey will be hosting a FREE webinar specifically catered to the issues faced by the Aged Care sector.

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