Procurement Australia’s Foodservices Training delivers training and information to industry professionals, aged care providers and their staff.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the aged care sector as it has with many sectors around the nation. Challenged by increased risk of infection, patient loads and supply shortages, the aged care sector has coped well but training is essential to maintaining standards.

From our Member feedback we know how difficult it is to squeeze in training or to source high quality training for staff. It’s time to turn the tide.

Training Overview

The Foodservices Training series has been created with the aged care worker in mind, with sessions that build the knowledge and skills in a range of areas including nutrition, malnutrition,  menu planning, kitchen equipment, food safety and meal presentation.

We are excited to offer aged care professionals an opportunity to extend their knowledge on Gluten Free, Malnutrition and Texture Modified Meal Presentation

We are passionate about making these workshops accessible to as many aged care professionals as possible. Each workshop will be offered at a symbolic price of $30 to all Procurement Australia members (original price $250).
Foodservices Training is tailored to the needs of aged care workers in the Australian workplace. Led by an eminently skilled mentor – Dr. Karen Abbey, these sessions will provide you with latest trends, practical techniques, and knowledge to better help your resident.

Meet our Food Services Ambassador: Dr Karen Abbey

Dr Karen Abbey is an aged care,  foodservice specialist Dietitian and special dietary chef. With over  25 years of national and international experience in foodservice, Dr Abbey has a wealth of knowledge to support the foodservice sector with research, education, training, best practice and quality in foodservices. 

Dr Karen Abbey – PhD  Foodservice Dietitian and Specialist Dietary Chef, Director, Nutrition & Catering Consultancy  Procurement Australia Foodservice Ambassador   

B Sc Hon Nutrition Grad Dip Nutrition & Dietetics Masters Health Science Management Cert IV Trainer & Assessor Cert III Commercial Cookery


Dr Abbey presents nationally and internationally on topics concerned with aged care nutrition and foodservices. Provides training both face to face and online on a large range of topics in  foodservices. Dr Abbey has worked across all foodservice sectors and has extensive knowledge in how foodservice systems operate, workflow, menu planning, kitchen and service delivery. 

Dr Abbey has operated Nutrition and Catering Consultancy – a business that provides specialist foodservices resources & and recipes.  Dr Abbey is currently also a Board Director Queensland Meals on Wheels and the CEO and founder of the Nutrition and Catering Institute a charitable organising translating the science of foodservice to support the foodservice sector. Dr Abbey is passionate about foodservices will be delivering these training webinars to provide all working in foodservices with an amazing opportunity to gain skills to enhance service delivery. 

Upcoming Foodservices Training

1. Texture Modified Meal Presentation

Date: 3rd March 2022

Time: 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm (AEDT)

Duration: 2 Hours

Format: Virtual

Price: $30

Texture modification requires thought and preparation to provide safe and appetising meals. Texture modified meal, especially puree texture, is difficult to present and arrange due to the change of the food structure to a puree consistency. Meal presentation for puree meals is difficult and how to make the meal look like food is a challenge to many working in aged care.

This training webinar will work towards supporting those working in aged care to gain skills in texture modified meals, how to present and quality texture modified menu planning.  The training will include an opportunity to discuss the types of meal presentation strategies used for texture modified meals. How to fit in texture modified meals into the production system and first hand chef experience on how to present and quickly assemble texture modified meals. This training event will highlight strategies for meal preparation, presentation, resources available to support texture modified meal planning and food manufacturing solutions.  

  1. Texture modified overview – why it is used
  2. Types of textures
  3. Presentation style
  4. Moulds and premade texture modified foods (suppliers)
  5. Nutrition and texture modified meals (nutrient dilution)
  6. Menu integration and quality
  7. Texture modified equipment and products (moulds/thickened products/blixes)
  8. Texture modified resources (our supply partners)

Before $250, now $30 AUD (inc. GST)

Special guest: Darren Benfell, Consulting Executive Chef Textured Food Innovations. Mr. Benfell’s vision is to be able “to provide dignity surrounding all meals for elderly residents living in aged care.”

2. Gluten Free in the Aged Care Sector

Date: 21st of April 2022

Time: 1:30 – 3:30pm (AEDT)

Duration: 2 Hours

Format: Virtual

Price: $30

Gluten free is the bodies inability to digest the protein found in gluten. Therefore, any person with gluten intolerance cannot eat foods with gluten. The request for gluten free diets in aged care has increased. This is due to better detection and diagnosis of those presenting with symptoms.

People with Coeliac disease react abnormally to gluten causing small bowel damage. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. If left untreated, some of the long-term consequences include chronic systematic inflammation, poor nutrition, osteoporosis and malabsorption of nutrients. Currently there is no cure so the only treatment for Coeliac disease is a strict gluten free diet. By avoiding gluten, this allows the small bowel lining to heal which optimises health and quality of life.

This training will provide up to date knowable of gluten in foods and ingredients, provide tools for label reading to avoid gluten and how to prepare foods in kitchens to prevent cross contamination. With a scientific update on the latest developments.

  1. Gluten overview
  2. Stats on gluten free
  3. Health outcomes
  4. Foods Containing Gluten
  5. Gluten free foods (safe)
  6. Label reading
  7. Menu integration
  8. Menu planning for GF
  9. Recipes and how to modify
  10. Gluten Free Food manufacturing (resources and products from our supply partners)
  11. Australian Coeliac Society and training

Before $250, now $30 AUD (inc. GST)

We are thoughtfully selecting the best speakers. Announcement soon

3. Malnutrition in Aged Care - Residential and Community

Date: 26th of May 2022

Time: 1:30 – 3:30 pm (AEDT)

Duration: 2 Hours

Format: Virtual

Price: $30

It is very important in aged care to understand that every meal counts. When elderly start to miss meal, eat smaller meals or become unwell malnutrition may develop. It is vital to make sure the meals and snacks are high in protein and energy. One important areas is mid-meal snacks as it provides a time to often high protein and energy snacks, thus playing an important role in providing additional nutrition during the day.

This training webinar will explore malnutrition how to manage and how important it is to provide nourishing high energy and proteins meals. Explore menu planning and how the aged care sector can incorporate more energy and protein across the menu and into meal. Quick and easy strategies to support any meal service. Foodservice is crucial in supporting the nutrition of residents and clients through supportive menu planning. This training webinar will tap into expertise in menu planning, choice, how to successfully incorporate food fortification and other nutrition strategies. Food is personal to everyone, and this webinar will touch on how to incorporate personal nutrition support.

  1. What is malnutrition – why does it occur (poor eating, small eaters, sickness, unable to feed oneself)
  2. Types of malnutrition
  3. How can malnutrition be avoided – menu strategies/snacks
  4. Food first strategies – food fortification strategies (use UQ studies)
  5. The use of supplements (supple partners) when they should be used
  6. How to fortify a menu to support small and poor eating
  7. Food fortification how to prepare and simple strategies

Before $250, now $30 AUD (inc. GST)

We are thoughtfully selecting the best speakers. Announcement soon

Join us for our March Session: Texture Modified Meal Presentation

When: 03/03/2022 at 1:30-3:30 PM AEDT

This webinar will examine texture modified meal presentation, the science behind how to provide and present appetising meals in aged care.

You will walk away with ideas and practical solutions on how to apply different presentation styles into hard to assemble textures like pure, liquids and others.

Hosted by our Foodservices Ambassador, Dr. Karen Abbey and supported by Darren Benfell, Consulting Executive Chef at Textured Food Innovations, this session will be highly valuable and interactive at all times.

Hosted by our Foodservice Ambassador, Dr Karen Abbey.


Aged care professionals responsible for meal planning, presentation, service and assistance, as well as kitchen safety and food quality compliance.

3rd of March 2022 at 1:30-2:30 PM AEDT

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As part of Procurement Australia's mission to support and give back to the community, these workshops worth of $250 ppax (each) will be offered to our members for $30. Certificate is included.

Aside of valuable content and highly interactive sessions, Foodservices Training ensures you will walk away with practical outcomes that can be easily implemented. Moreover, you will hear from experts and industry leaders on best practices and latest trends within aged care sector.

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