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At Procurement Australasia, we are procurement experts with a long history of success within a range of industries.
Our background is rooted in procurement, but we’re also looking ahead to what the future has in store. We have always put our members’ needs first —we approach each members requirements with the utmost care to deliver time and money-saving outcomes. We know that our industry and expertise is a driver for real, instrumental change within organisations and departments –no matter how big or small.
We are backed by our years of experience many sectors including not for profits, government and commercial businesses. Our commitment to always be compliant and our focus on relationships means we’ll work hard to find the right solution that suits your organisation.
At Procurement Australasia, we are known for being consistent, thorough and easy to work with. This reputation for quality work extends to our suppliers as well –we’re part of a team that’s working towards the same end goal: getting the best deal for our members.
We have made it our business to do procurement differently, so become a member today and find out more – It’s free to join and start seeing the instant benefits and savings to your organisation.
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Solutions we provide for our members:

Incorporates a public sector tendered solution