New Contract: 2504/1032 Hardware, Electrical, Plumbing & Compressed Gasses

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The current contracts below are scheduled to expire with no further extension options being exercised:

ContractExpiry Date
2004/1026 Hardware, Plumbing and Compressed Gases30/04/2022
2106/1027 Electrical Products & Services30/04/2022

A new combined tender and resultant contract will be established to replace these current contracts with the process commencing shortly.

Via the industry briefing stages we will firm up the categories and scope.

New Contract Details

Contract number2504/1032
Contract nameHardware, Electrical, Plumbing & Compressed Gasses
Contract term3 Years plus 2 x 12 Months extension options
Contract categories1. Hardware & Associated Products
2. Electrical & Associated Products
3. Plumbing & Associated Products
4. Compressed Gasses

Indicative Tender Timeline

Member commitment closes21 January 2022
Tender let26 January 2022
Tender close23 February 2022
Contract awardTBD
Contract commencementNot prior to 1 May 2022

Industry Briefing

Procurement Australia will convene a briefing session to advise the industry of the RFT event, how to participate, the tender’s timetable, category composition and like subjects. The briefing will be publicly advertised in the tenders section of major newspapers in Melbourne and Sydney in November 2021. Members are encouraged to advise their suppliers to attend a briefing.

The briefing is scheduled for the following date:

Webinar24 November 2021

Next steps:

Please complete the attached tender expression of interest letter and return the correspondence to your Procurement Australia Relationship Manager.

For more information or questions of clarification please contact your Procurement Australia Relationship Manager.