Thursday , 21 October 2021

Patty Mills launches foundation

Patty Mills has more than put his money where his mouth — and his heart — is by revealing he’ll be playing for Indigenous Australians for the rest of the NBA season, reports.

Boomers guard Patty Mills was blessed with opportunities to live out his NBA dream, now he wants to give the next generation that same chance.

Mills has launched Indigenous Basketball Australia (IBA), an organisation that will focus on creating “pathways and opportunities at the grassroots level” for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.

As part of his ongoing commitment to improve the social and economic conditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia, the San Antonio Spurs star started IBA to create pathways at the grassroots level so they can succeed on the elite stage.

Set to commence in 2021, IBA will focus on fundamental skills development and competitions by facilitating programs in regions across Australia.

It comes after Mills announced he’ll be playing the rest of the NBA season for Indigenous Australians, donating his remaining $1.45 million to black causes.
Patty Mills is a true blue Aussie legend.

IBA will facilitate targeted community basketball competitions, national tournaments and development camps which will compliment and support the current Australian basketball systems and provide better opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youths to progress through those systems in the future.

“We should feel responsible to take urgent and innovative actions to address this gross negligence occurring in the lives of young Indigenous people,” Mills said.


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