Procurement Australia’s commitment to the circular economy

At Procurement Australia, we’re focused on doing what’s right for all of us – for our members, our suppliers and for the planet. A large part of this is our commitment to champion a different kind of procurement future, one that is built on sustainable supply chains that empower Australian businesses and our wider communities.

For us, championing these types of sustainable practices means working with something bigger in mind. It means helping our members to secure ways to achieve individual sustainability goals, without increasing costs or resourcing needs. It’s about ensuring our suppliers are part of a supply chain that is more transparent and less wasteful, while still being functional and reliable. It also means using our procurement expertise to curate innovative solutions that address pervasive problems for the betterment of our collective future.

To help achieve these shared supply chain goals, we have partnered with ASPIRE, an online matchmaking tool for material resource exchange. Through our partnership with ASPIRE, our ambition is to empower more Australian businesses and councils to exchange waste as a resource through an easy-to-use, innovative online platform.

By offering the ASPIRE solution to our members and suppliers, we are working towards achieving our long-term vision of a more holistic, ethical and sustainable supply chain throughout Australia.

List of our PPE Categories

COVID-19 Test Kits

At Procurement Australia, we are committed to providing all our members with accelerated access to the highest quality COVID-19 antigen testing technology.


We understand that every member will have varying needs when it comes to antigen testing for their organisation, business or school environment. We also understand that this is a fast moving area that requires adept thinking and problem solving to ensure we provide the best possible solution for all our members.


2211/0906 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The evaluation phase of 2211/0906 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) tender has concluded.


This contract commences on 1 December 2020 for 2 years (expiring on 30 November 2022) with the option to extend for two (2) x 12 month periods.

PPE Online Shop

Your organisation can now purchase PPE products online on our B2B Shop so that you can spend less time on procuring and managing your workplace’s PPE requirements.


Browse through our selection of high-quality and certified PPE products with a simple click and pay process allowing you to check-out safely and await delivery!


Procurement Australia is proud to partner with VBreathe to provide our members with all-natural indoor air purifiers and detoxifiers. The new ‘VBreathe Tasman’ is independently proven to significantly reduce harmful airborne pathogens indoors.


Face Masks and Shields

We have secured stock of certified 3-Ply masks, KN95 masks and KN95 masks with valve that we are able to deliver to organisations throughout Australia to support where we can during and beyond COVID-19.


We provide reusable, fully sanitisable Face Shield for PPE use. Strong and lightweight shields to protect your organisation and staff during and beyond COVID-19. 

Hand Sanitisers

We provide a diverse range of sanitisers tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and requirements.


Medical Protective Coveralls

We provide high-end PE coated spunbond non-woven materials, through cutting and sewing into thickened hooded bodysuits, leaving openings around the face, wrists and ankles. No waist tightening so that user can move freely.   

Optically Clear Guards and Barriers

We have secured a range of simple to assemble, optically clear polycarbonate barriers for use on reception desks and counters.


COVID-19 Social Distancing Signage

Procurement Australia provides COVID-19 Social Distancing Signage, including posters, counter signs and floor decal options for both carpet and hard surfaces. 


Designed to be easily and quickly self-installed, we can support all our member requirements. Talk to us today. 


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