2021 - 2022


The ONLINE PROCUREMENT SERIES TRAINING – THE CRADLE TO GRAVE OF PROCUREMENT is an exciting new online subscription-based service brought to you in partnership with our own resident legal procurement expert, Scott Alden.

This ten-part series is a must for anyone in procurement or has Procurement functions as part of their role.

The ONLINE PROCUREMENT SERIES TRAINING – THE CRADLE TO GRAVE OF PROCUREMENT is designed to deal with six core topics within Procurement, two that deal with specific new emerging areas of Procurement and a final two sessions reserved as‘Open Forum / Ask the Expert’ formats.

The series uses a variety of learning styles including traditional presentation style, video and audio where appropriate, Workshops and specific facilitator led case studies, knowledge sharing and scenario based questions.

The first part in the series examines the earliest stages of procurement starting with identifying what is meant by procurement, how a sourcing need arises, the importance of the business case, the procurement planning phase and developing an appropriate procurement strategy.

Probity and the observance of fairness, transparency, equality and ethical dealing is fundamentally important to any project and to the organisations that run them. This session will focus on the five pillars of probity with a special emphasis on the two most important being Value for Money and the avoidance of Conflicts of Interest.

This year the session will provide an update on:

  • New legislation affecting procurement and particularly Bid and Process Challenges
  • Sustainable Procurement and particularly Modern Slavery

This part will focus on the legal issues and risks that present themselves when undertaking a procurement process.  These include:

  • The formation of a process contract
  • Negligence, Misleading and Deceptive Conduct, and Estoppel
  • Legislative Challenge
  • Damages for breach
  • Excluding / Limiting liability
  • Preliminary Discovery
  • Some War Stories

In this part we examine the assessment of tender, and the evaluation process in detail.  This looks at what value for money really means, what we mean by whole of life / life cycle costing, and how we carry out an effective Multi Attribute Decision Analysis process to ensure that we properly weight and value all aspects of a procurement adopting best practice in Sustainable Procurement Decision Making.  This will explain the core methodology of Sustainable Procurement including Economic, Environmental and Social Procurement.

Procurement is ever-changing and evolving with different, alternative and innovative procurement methods constantly emerging.  This part will focus on two in particular being:

  • Early Contractor Involvement (Early Contractor Engagement/ Competitive Dialogue/ Early Tenderer Involvement)
  • Market Led Proposals / Unsolicited Proposals

Having planned a perfect procurement activity, received a variety of excellent compliant proposals, assessed the bids and identified the one that is best value for money you then need to finalise the contract and manage the contract to ensure that you receive what it is that you engaged with the market to deliver.

A one hour dedicated workshop, facilitator led, case study based session for attendees to test their knowledge and understanding against a case study scenario.

Your opportunity to ask anything specific relating to Procurement or Contracting.  Preferably this session will run where any questions / issues are sent through in advance, but some can also be dealt with live in the session on the day.  Some of the specific issues identified will assist in setting the agenda for the next year.

A whistle-stop tour of the 10 highlights in procurement in the year to date focussing on the 10 most important.

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Face To Face Training

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