School group travel

Procurement Australasia partners with FCM’s Academic Specialists to deliver end-to-end School Group Travel Management. Enjoy streamlined purchasing of all your organisation or educational institution’s travel, including travel planning and bookings, traveller safety, policy development and expense management.

  • Security and peace of mind for all student travellers, with specialised group travel services for group study tours, sporting teams, language tours, music groups, international exchange student programs, conference and events.
  • Save your valuable time and let Procurement Australasia work behind the scenes with FCM to source and negotiate the best fares and rates for airlines, accommodation and car hire.
  • Enjoy personalised support and assistance 24/7.

Our school group travel services deliver:

One-stop procurement

Easily procure all school group and campus travel in one convenient place with Procurement Australasia, including airfares, accommodation and car hire, with the simplicity of one invoice.

Outstanding service

Our travel specialists have high-level expertise in School Group Travel, from simple trips to complex, multi-destination international itineraries. Access the latest technologies, such as online booking tools, for safe and efficient travel.

Exceptional value

Take advantage of very competitive rates that Procurement Australasia negotiates for its Members. But it’s not just about low fares: have complete confidence in our 24/7 emergency assistance and global emergency alert system, including tracking processes for travellers

The partners that help us deliver this solution are:

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