Procurement Australasia can assist you with all your asset and property-related services.

Whether it is planning or carrying out your building and asset maintenance, our solution allows immediate contact into the best service providers for cleaning, facilities maintenance, leasing requirements and rates, security services, plumbing, electrical, mobile garbage bins, painting, graffiti removal, tree pruning, gardening and associated services. Access is available for ‘public-tendered’ providers and generalist providers, all of whom are required to meet our stringent WHS and other Safety Requirements.

If it is finance you need to purchases your business assets, our partners can provide advice on a broad range of small plant and machinery, hardware, plumbing goods, asphalt, reinforced concrete, grates, covers, or even the hire of larger equipment, our solution can provide these and other services to meet your immediate needs.

Our Solutions

  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Asset & Property Services & Advice
  • 1804/0834 Security Services
  • 1812/0310 Hire of Equipment
  • 1901/1001 Paint, Paint Accessories & Graffiti Removal Services
  • 1905/1018 RC Pipes, Grates, Covers & Associated Products
  • 1906/1213 Asset Financial Leasing Services
  • 2004/1026 Hardware, Plumbing & Compressed Gases
  • 2008/0837 Defined Facilities Management Services & Products – Cleaning & Property
  • 2102/0838 Defined Facilities Management - Maintenance Services
  • 2110/0503 Mobile Bins
  • 2108/0905 Small Plant, Machinery & Associated Products & Services

* tick = Public Sector Tendered Solutions

Key Features and Benefits for Members


Procurement Australasia provides all organisations with care, support and exceptional value-for-money on procurement of all maintenance management, project planning, construction and furnishing.

Our procurement specialists are passionate about supporting business and will assist you in your endeavour to extend the value of assets and reduce lifetime costs. Benefit from our professional advice on vehicle and building maintenance plans.


Enjoy the efficiency of simplified reporting. Our procurement specialists help you optimise your facilities maintenance and management reporting.


The aggregated spend of Procurement Australasia large member base affords us considerable purchasing strength. We pass on the value to you through preferential asset management service, support and exclusive pricing.

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