At Procurement Australasia, we get that Public Infrastructure solutions and services for your council or business are crucial. 

That’s why we have compiled the most comprehensive range of contracts that will fulfil all your procurement requirements for all your public infrastructure needs under one roof. Procurement Australasia operates under the Commonwealth Government’s accountability and governance frameworks. You can find out more about compliance is on our about page. 

Our Solutions

  • Small Plant, Machinery and Related Products & Services
  • Road Surfacing & Associated Services
  • Defined Facilities Management Services & Products - Cleaning & Property
  • Defined Facilities Management - Maintenance Services
  • Security Services
  • Paint, Paint Accessories and Graffiti Removal Services
  • Hardware, Plumbing and Compressed Gases
  • Hire of Equipment
  • Mobile Bins

*Ticks = Public Sector Tendered Solutions