Staff and Recruitment costs are the single most significant expense of most business operations and as such, it makes perfect sense to partner with a team that fully understands all of the steps and processes for your recruitment needs. From job descriptions, selection criteria to shortlisting, interviews or contracts, we get it. Our solution offers all of these services together with professional development, Psychometric Testing, Performance Appraisals and more.

Whether an experienced hand or you are new to the recruitment procurement process, our services are designed to assist you along the way to make sure that your needs and expectations are met. Our years of experience and expertise are used to help you with every step of your recruitment process, from start to end.

The Process

Supporting you initially to outline the scope of your specific requirements. The outcome is to ensure everyone is clear about goals and expectations. Once this has been achieved,  the scope of works is provided to our supply-team and suppliers to prepare a quotation with the most appropriate supplier recommendations before going into the selection process and finally the contract and implementation stages.

Our reporting process ensures we communicate with you to make sure your expectations are being met and, whenever possible, exceeded.

As Australia’s largest procurement and buying group, our specific focus is on our customer service and support, before, during and even after the process is finished.

Our Solutions

*Tick = Public Sector Tendered Solution

Key Features and Benefits for Members


Our suppliers have a diverse service offering including permanent recruitment, temporary staffing, workforce transition, training and development, OHS consulting and more.


Our panel of suppliers has dedicated specialists who work with clients & candidates to provide strategic business & career guidance.


Our recruitment business partner, offering comprehensive and specifically designed talent sourcing and recruitment project management solutions to meet your recruitment needs and different levels.


Our recruitment process offers customised solutions for your organisations high-volume hiring and specific project recruitment needs.

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