As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease around the country, businesses and organisations of all types and sizes are preparing to reopen. But reopening in a way that ensures the safety of your people and the stability of your operations can come with an array of challenges.

Businesses have a lot to consider as we progress through this transition period, including how to maintain social distancing, provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and screen for the presence of COVID-19 to help minimise its spread.

Rapid antigen testing is one way many industries are combating the ongoing threat of the virus entering their place of work. From a risk management perspective, businesses of all kinds are looking for innovative ways to balance the need for quick on-site testing with compliance and health regulations.

To assist members to attain this balance, Procurement Australia has partnered with SwabMe.
The SwabMe COVID-19 ‘On-Site’ Rapid Testing Solution provides fast on-site screening with expert, comprehensive and digital medical oversight, helping members to provide a more COVID-safe environment for everyone.

Contact our representative Shane McCaw directly on 02 9478 1458  to get a “price on application” quote to ensure that we give your organisation the best pricing on the quantity that you need to order.

How our SwabMe COVID-19 ‘On-Site’ Rapid Testing Solution works

Our partnership with SwabMe provides members with a comprehensive medical service designed to help safeguard your business, staff and wider community from the COVID-19 threat.

Developed by BioU Medical, SwabMe delivers a tailored, on-site screening solution to detect COVID-19 by combining rapid antigen testing with a bespoke digital platform. Using the latest rapid antigen testing alongside advanced, app-based technologies, SwabMe provides the fast, medically-supervised COVID-19 rapid antigen testing service many members are searching for.

With real-time results delivered in 15 minutes, members can feel more confident in their ability to help stop an outbreak before it happens, helping you get back to work and maintain business-as-usual.

Our partnership with SwabMe ensures a complete end-to-end solution for members in a few easy-to-administer steps:

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Benefits of the SwabMe COVID-19 ‘On-Site’ Rapid Testing Solution

With the SwabMe COVID-19 ‘On-Site’ Rapid Testing Solution, members can get back to work safe in the knowledge that their on-site rapid antigen testing is being conducted quickly with professional medical supervision for extra peace of mind.

Now taking expressions of interest

At Procurement Australia, we are determined to provide members with COVID-19 testing solutions that are quick, effective and compliant with government health regulations. Our partnership with SwabMe ensures members have access to a solution that combines rapid antigen testing with the medical supervision and support to safeguard your business from exposure to avoidable risks. 

We are now taking expressions of interest from members for this on-site screening service solution. By implementing SwabMe COVID-19 ‘On-Site’ Rapid Testing Solution, members are choosing a testing solution that provides a convenient rapid antigen testing experience for employees and staff, while also remaining compliant.

Please fill out the expression of interest form below and a Procurement Australia representative will be in contact directly to talk through
the SwabMe COVID-19 ‘On-Site’ Rapid Testing Solution and its use in your organisation

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*A negative result does not exclude infection with COVID-19. If experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or after a positive test result, an immediate confirmatory PCR test must be undertaken.

Our COVID-19 test kit options: