White Goods, Electrical and Appliances

If you need white goods, electrical appliances, fridges, freezers etc, Procurement Australasia provides  award-winning service and competitive pricing to meet your purchasing needs and patterns.


Church Resources supports your not-for-profit organisation with award-winning service and competitive pricing to meet your purchasing patterns.

  • Procurement Australasia serves all organisations, big and small: for regular, repeated orders, large one-off investments (such as a facility refit) or simply securing lower prices on occasional purchases.
  • Let Procurement Australasia’s procurement and buying specialists guide your product selections, supported by the experience, knowledge and product variety of our range of preferred and carefully selected partners.
  • Enjoy customised solutions that meet your organisation’s needs, with centralised procurement and your choice of centralised or decentralised purchasing.
  • Take advantage of Procurement Australasia’s highly competitive pricing, made possible by thousands of Procurement Australasia Members’ purchasing power.

Why buy with Procurement Australasia?

  • Procurement Australasia gives you flexibility to choose your procurement or buying method. Decentralised purchasing lets you leave the entire procurement process to us, with full visibility and transaction approval. Alternatively, select centralised purchasing where your team conducts procurement, and still enjoy the benefits of incredible pricing that we pre-negotiate for you.
  • Procurement Australasia takes the legwork out researching and pricing individual products. Enhance your efficiency and reduce procurement costs by purchasing through one supplier, with one invoice.
  • Procurement Australasia’s partners are award-winning industry leaders, delivering the greatest range of electrical appliances and whitegoods with personalised, local support and service Australia wide.
  • Simplify the procurement process by paying on account, rather than staff paying and submitting claims.* This leads to safer, simplified and more accurate reporting and saves your valuable time and resources.

Streamline your purchasing of whitegoods, appliances and electrical goods.

Let Procurement Australasia do the procurement legwork for your organisation to save you time and money. All you need to do is provide us with a list of the goods you are after (together with model numbers) and we will source the products at market competitive pricing for you.

Call 1300 248 724 now to speak to one of our Procurement Specialists for Whitegoods and Electrical now.

Our Whitegoods & Appliances solutions deliver:

One-stop procuremnent

Procurement Australasia makes it easy to procure all your whitegoods, appliances and electrical goods in one place. Enjoy centralised procurement, with either centralised or decentralised purchasing. Create a unique basket of goods based on your requirements – WHS compliance, power and water efficiency, special needs or price.

Online /on account shopping

 For day-to-day purchasing, save yourself and your staff the time and cost of visiting local stores by purchasing on your account from our online shop.

Outstanding service

Our dedicated team members have high-level experience and expertise in procurement advice for organisations of all sizes. Receive personalised assistance by email, phone or through our website, and talk to someone who is experienced and able to assist you promptly.

Exceptional value

Take advantage of excellent pricing on all whitegoods, appliances and electrical goods, because of the buying power we have through the thousands of Procurement Australasia Members.

Success Stories

"The Good Guys are proud of our partnership with Church Resources (subsidiary of Procurement Australasia). Offering a wide range of customer solutions incorporating flexibility, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. A fantastic opportunity for all Procurement Australasia members to get the full solution."

Donald Furber, General Manager Commercial Sales
The partners that help us deliver this solution are: