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Listen to Procurement Australia’s Food Services Category Manager, Iain Birrell, speaking about the benefits of our foodservices category and the large community of members that utilise this offering. Our ability to combine all our members’ needs, together with aggregated pricing, makes this portfolio exceptional!

Our member-focused foodservice procurement solutions have been negotiated with exclusive pricing for our Not-for-Profit members and all other member organisations. We take the legwork out of sourcing the highest quality foods. Our team is passionate about finding ways to help you maximise value and minimise waste, including foodservice benchmarking, implementation and escalation support.

Having launched our Foodservices solution into the Aged Care Sector in 2010, we currently supply food to a value in excess of $40 million per annum in sales through our preferred partners. This means we can use our buying power to help you with savings for your foodservice purchases. We can also assist you in identifying any foodservice savings and efficiencies with a no-cost, obligation-free program and advisory service.

Some of our major partners include Bidfood, Bega Dairy and Drinks, Goodman Fielder, and M&J Chicken. We also have major manufacturing/supply partners, commercial equipment partner and specialist foodservice consultants.

Our Solutions

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Key Features and Benefits for Members


All-in-one, complete solutions for all your foodservice purchasing. Services are customised to your needs, so you can purchase as few or as many foodservice categories as you wish.


Procurement Australia has partnered with leading foodservice manufacturers and suppliers for over 10 years, with a shared goal of supporting the not-for-profit sector.


Maximise value and minimise wastage with our consultancy programs. We’ll uncover new ways to make your organisation’s Foodservice procurement easier and more efficient.


Procurement Australia’ large community of Members makes us a priority customer of all foodservice suppliers. As a Member, you enjoy preferential service and rapid support escalation.

Resource Library

Browse our library for helpful resources to assist Foodservices in your sector:

Aged Care

Aged care homes in the last 12 months have faced major changes with the introduction of new Aged Care Standards, a Royal Commission highlighting challenges within the sector and increasing level of expectation from residents with consumer directed care.

View Resource (Foodservices Standard 4 (3) (f) Checklist Resource)

The Aged Care Standards have a high emphasis on consumer choice.

Foodservice operations are critical in being able to deliver choice through menu planning and mealtimes. 

View Resource (Standard 4 (3) (f) – Check list and supporting choice in foodservices)

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When preparing meals for others, whether as a community meals provider or at Aged Care homes – food safety is a crucial factor for your operations. Food safety is continually evolving and it’s essential to keep updated and get insight into how the sector is performing.

View Resources:

  1. Foodservices Fact Sheet 1
  2. Foodservices Fact Sheet 2

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We understand that every meal counts for Aged Care residents. Loss of appetite can lead to missed meals or smaller portions, making nourishment through high protein and energy meals/snacks even more vital. Foodservices play a key role in delivering nutrition and choice for Aged Care residents through effective menu planning practices. 

View Resources:

  1. Cookbook
  2. HEHP Diet Code Procedure
  3. Priestley’s Catalogue

Rewatch Webinar

We understand that often aged-care kitchens are plating up a whole dining room in a short period of time. Meal presentation is more than just putting food onto a plate.

This webinar will examine meal presentation, the science behind how to present meals and provide practical demonstration techniques and quick solutions. 

View Resources:

  1. Meal Presentation Tips
  2. The Country Chef Bakery Co. Catalogue

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We understand that School Canteens play an essential role in the developing nutrition knowledge of young people. Canteens, for many years, have operated using nutrition guidelines, and these guidelines have been developed to assist canteen operators in selecting foods and support food manufacturers to develop canteen products. 

View Resource (Foodservices Education Cookbook)

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